Carving a Candle with a Steak Knife

Hello again!

Since I returned to my family home (along with additional members of my family) I've been able to work out a collection of nooks and crannies for my work! It took some maneuvering around but if I can't be flexible in these times then I simply won't make it. Also, my team has continued to meet via Skype and we've all been very eager to continue working to bringing PETER to life! So despite all of these setbacks I've been able to begin working on the manufacturing process, which is endlessly exciting! (to me)

But because progress feels like the start-stop-start of a stuttering car engine, I find that my desire to work far outweighs my ability at this point. It's... Difficult to combine my current situation with my personal expectations. Like trying to carve a figurine out of a candle when the only tool I have to work with is a steak knife.

Due to the quarantine I also have a lot of free time. So much free time. So while I can read and research everything that I need to do, none of that reading matters if I don't put it into practice. PETER' future now hangs in the balance of my flexibility; which is a scary thought. So let the mental yoga begin!

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