Change of Material

Hello again, everyone!

I've been silent on here for a while, which I would like to apologize for. This silence has not been inaction though, since I've been experimenting with the material I would like to use (chitosan) and finding the limitations of it. Because of these limitations I'm going to cast my net elsewhere. The great material search has begun!

Which at first left me feeling frustrated. For two weeks the makeshift lab I set up in the garage was left abandoned and has become dust-covered and quiet. The experiments were done and I was now back inside, trying to figure out how to change the material to be something else. Which is exactly as useful as trying to change one person to be someone else; it'll only leave me frustrated. Even the extension cord I had taped down to power my machines was pulled up and put away by my family while I spent three days in Los Angeles visiting a friend.

But after speaking to a materials expert I have renewed hope! He was not only very encouraging but very knowledgeable and so I find myself pumped up after every conversation, ready to do more! this enthusiasm was used to make an official list of what characteristics I need and to revive a few old contacts to see if we can help each other out. It seems the key to working together is to approach people with highly specific tasks or information that you need, instead of approaching someone with an idea. An idea can be interpreted. A list is much less flexible that way. And so I will now be a trader of lists, instead of ideas!

Which helps with organization, which I am terrible at. It's important I think, at this stage, to take off my blinders and review the path I've made, to see where to deviate from. Hopefully I'll have found a material by the next post and if so, you'll be the first to know!

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