Concept Model Incoming

My last post discussed that I was now working with a team to build a concept model. I did say that specifically, right? I think I did...

Anyway, we're building a concept model! And when we do I'll upload it to this website, so that you can all see the fruits of our labor! Also so that PETER will make much more sense. The next step after main a concept model is to make a demo, I think... I really don't want to be the CEO, y'all. I just want to build robots. I don't want to have to worry about all of this company nonsense, like how to organize large groups or how to direct the company to achieve a better projected whatever whatever. I really just want to build robots. So I thought again (I've thought this many times) do I really need to make a company? Can't I just sell my designs?

And the answer is of course yes, but also... I want to build something that lasts and that I can pass onto my family. I want a legacy for my family. And selling robot designs might get me there, maybe??? but I don't know how it could as well as the founding of a successful tech company. I waffle quite a bit. Have you noticed that? Ah, well. I'll propose the idea to my team and see if they have clearer heads about it. In the meantime, back to work on the concept model!

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