Hello World!

First, I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming support I've received on this project. I never thought that I would be so encouraged two years ago when I thought up the first design of PETER. In later posts I'll go into more detail but suffice to say creating PETER has been been a rocky road (and I don't see it smoothing out any time soon). Because of this, I'm extremely grateful for the encouragements and interest I've received on my project. I'm determined to create the best design possible to accomplish the goals I've set out and the expectations I've set up. Thank you all!

But I should also probably tell you why I'm beginning a blog in the first place. I believe it's important to keep everyone who's interested in PETER informed of my progress on this project, so that you don't go looking for answers and find only silence. Also, I'm very bad at keeping up with emails and texts. I just forget. So this blog will now exist to answer those questions and to fill in the gaps.

Because of that, I'll be covering an eclectic group of topics including, but not limited to; the socioeconomic landscape surrounding the inventor (that's me), cool science facts I stumble across, updates on PETER (the primary reason for this blog), and invitations for discussion on any of the above.

So stay tuned! And again, thank you all so much.

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