Lots of Time

Hello all!

It's been a while. During my long absence I've been making some big changes, not just in the way that I approach my product, but also in the way I approach my company. So I'll break that down below.


So while I haven't changed the material or basic design of PETER, I have started to look into other ways that PETER can be shaped for optimized performance. I printed out the molds that she gets made in and attempted a few times to make the prototype, but I still have a lot to learn about home chemistry. So I thought "Ok, what if I simplify this design a bit, just to see if the more basic shape works?" And that's what's happening now. Just a few quick tweaks to the CAD file (just kidding, any change to the CAD file is never quick) and I'm ready to try again! New prints! New molds! Simpler PETER! While this change may not be an immediate concern for the concept model or even the demo that I'm building with my teammates, it is important for the prototype and so I figured it deserves a bit of attention too.


Speaking of teammates, they've been great! My mentor is taking time away from her full-time job to assist me and guide my next steps while my other teammate is ALSO taking time away from his full-time job to work with me. I do feel bad about this, even though they are adults and can choose how to spend their time. I'm the only one not working so I try to take on much more of the company tasks but it's a hard balance to learn how much is a fair distribution and how much will cause the team members to feel as though their help isn't wanted, especially when I haven't worked closely with either of them before. I reached a point of consideration where I think I'll just ask them directly; How do you feel about the distribution of tasks? Because I feel guilty being unemployed and asking you to do things but I also don't want you to think I don't want your help.

I've found, first in romantic relationships, and now in many other types, that being honest and direct is usually the best way to clear up any misunderstandings. It's amazing to me how twisted up our perceptions can get when we rely on our feelings! But maybe that's just me.

You're Not Working??

But speaking of feelings and guilt, I am not currently working. I was laid off due to the quarantine, or I thought I was (that's another story). So now I need to find a source of income because I get nervous relying on unemployment. How much will I receive? Will they cut it off? Do I have to pay this back? So many questions...

I was approached by a Chinese company to be an ESL teacher online to little Chinese babies and I am super hoping that I get it, because I can choose how many days I'm willing to work and I get to talk to little kids with chubby cheekies. Ohhh! I love little kids! Especially their chubby cheekies! Have you ever seen a skinny baby? I have. And I get sad.

Another job opportunity I'm pursuing is finally becoming a professional dog walker. I say finally because I've been approached by strangers, multiple times, about whether I'm a professional dog walker. I'm using the Wag! platform and hopefully I get the job, because I also love dogs. Big dogs, chubby dogs, little dogs... I just love dogs, ok?

So that's what's been going on! Here's praying things work out and I'll keep working to make sure that they do!

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