Narrowing my Focus

So the job in Tokyo didn't work out. The reason for that is so simple I really should have seen it coming: I don't speak Japanese. And since they want me to start in 3 months there's not enough time for me to get a Japanese work Visa and become a fluent speaker. The benefit of being offered this job is that I had to face, what was to me, the very real possibility of living overseas. Believing that was real, I had to face my own fears and excitement about it. I realized that I would love to live overseas, so I should work hard to secure one so that I know I can afford to live... Wherever that is. And just because this job didn't work out doesn't mean that I'm out of overseas options. But the real problem with going overseas is that I'm not sure how I would manage to begin an American company while living in another country. I'll have to ask my legal advisor for help on this one, which will make for an interesting conversation since during our last one we were able to nail down every step that I would need to incorporate here in the U.S.

Overseas living may also isolate me from potential contacts, as not everyone is in a position to benefit form helping me. That company that I was so excited about the prospect of partnering with, Carbios, does not wish to partner with me. Which isn't all that surprising, considering they would basically only gain advertising from working with me at this point, something they no longer need since they've gained international recognition and their process is necessary and spectacular (I really get excited when thinking about Carbios). Based off the conversations my business partner told me, the company is also going in a different direction than I would like to. They wish to fully recycle plastics and I wish to fully eliminate them. Allowing me to use their research in the belly of my robot would be literally eating their own profits.

But this is not a dead-end for PETER, or even a real stop. I've finished the 2D sketches of the mechanics used, which will then be used to update my patent on her. My patent lawyer, Patrick Reilly, has been so incredibly helpful and has even allowed for a colleague of his to help me out with writing the patent. Writing legal papers is so complex I wonder how it got this way, maybe by year after year of people slowly adding to it. But because I was able to finish the blueprints I'm able to start to redo the CAD files, in order to attempt to construct her again.

I found that I've gotten a lot more done by just allowing people to help me and by focusing my attention on one thing at a time. As I've said in multiple posts, there are a lot of moving parts to PETER (hehe, get it?) so it's really difficult not to try to get it all done at once. But the accomplishment I felt completing the blueprints (for like the tenth time, but these blueprints are to be used in the patent) was enough to make me realize that one step at a time will be better than hurrying through to the demo and possibly shortchanging PETER's development. So I just need to focus now. Focus, focus, focus... This is hard so please wish me luck!

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