Patent Power

Because the mechanical design is now complete enough to finish the next stage of my patent, I'm back to all paperwork. This time the paperwork is all legal paperwork. Turns out filing a patent is not a one-time submission. There's provisional and then the patent. Now, I knew this, I did, but it was information not immediately relevant and so my mind was filled with mushrooms instead. Wonderful, wonderful mushrooms...

Side note! When the quarantine started I assumed it would be unbearable because of the lack of freedom, the mundane life characterized by the same thing day after day. But living with 6 other people in a 3 bedroom house has proven me wrong. I strive for routine and boredom. But I don't have the time to be bored. Every minute I'm awake something is happening. A child is asking me to help them with something, the dogs need to poop or want to play, the other adults and I are juggling our schedules so that they overlap correctly to meet demand need of the house, which are nearly constant. If the water heater works fine the dryer gives out. If the dryer works fine the electricity needs to be fixed. If none of that is a problem the chickens need to be moved to the bathroom because we're experiencing a heat wave and so they might die if left outside. My dog's are fat but I can't walk them until after 10pm, and the laundry always needs to be done. How do we go through so much laundry?? Nobody leaves the house except for work! And I try my hardest to wear the same pajamas for days on end. But I run around so much that I end up having to bathe and change all the time anyway.

Next thing I know a month has gone by, two months have gone by, and I haven't kept up my contacts at all. Like, at ALL. I wanted to invite an old friend to an outside barbecue but that was two weeks ago. I wanted to chat with my classmates but that was a month ago. I haven't talked to my dad in months, MONTHS. Let's just... Stop and think about that. I haven't talked to my own father, who is in the high risk age range... In over two months. Although! I'm concerned about how he's doing during all of this and think of him throughout the week. Every single week. If I get so much as 10 minutes to myself I'm scrambling for notes my mentors left me on finding a good job or checking my emails on my computer for once, instead of my cell phone. How can it be that during a time when people are so bored that they're mastering indoor surfing I'm busier than ever? It must be me. I must be doing something below my conscious decision making that is filling up every single minute of my day every day, because this was how I was for the last 6 years in college. There's a long list of things I want to do but haven't had time for, like keeping up this blog. Just... How is this possible??

B-but back to the topic! I'm about to re-submerge under the heavy weight of writing assignments so there may be a long break between updates. If that happens I sincerely apologize, my intention is to keep you all up to date. But that's all I have to tell you for now. If you have question or wish to reach out to me I'll still check my website for inquiries and comments and the like, so feel free to share! But for now, I'll see you later!

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