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Hello all!

I've discussed before about getting an accountability partner. While it's not set in stone yet, a friend and I meet up once a week to go over Life Plans. She discusses her recent job change into the desired industry and I discuss the updates to my fledgling company. It's nice. We do push each other to be positive and responsible a lot in our discussions, so that I kind of feel like I'm whining if I don't come with good news but, I think that's just me. It's really nice to have a Christian who I can discuss things with and who will support me, not only in my aspirations but also in my faith. I haven't been going to church for the last... Since April, so it's big boost for me to find someone to draw strength from, someone that understands what's important to me. It makes me... Calm. Less jittery, you know? Less feeling like I'm a small rock in the surf with which direction my life should be going in. And these talks have really hammered home that I need to go to church. I feel like the benefits would be ten fold compared to a one on one talk. So yeah! I'm pretty pleased!

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