PETER Update: Future Demo

Hello again!

I have been working behind the scenes since CES, gathering information, collaborating (so much collaborating), working to secure laboratory space for development, and soon it will pay off! The first PETER demo is on the horizon! I will soon be able to prove the software aspects of PETER through a demo, hopefully able to be released by May of this year. The demo, as of today, will be demonstrating the natural processes at work under extreme environments, in order to test the effectiveness of my current design in open waters. The prototype will also be released in May (if everything goes according to plan), since I'm only a few steps away from full construction of the physical body.

A warning though; the PETER prototype won't be cute. It's sad but it can't be helped right now, in order to really test the mechanical properties I can't have the weight and buoyancy thrown off by googly-eyes or a big turtle smile. I wish I could but I have to work hard at math as is, I can't handle that handicap.

So... yeah! Keep an eye out for that.

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