Shuffling the Cards

At this stage I'm beginning to understand just how much paperwork is involved in designing machinery. I mean, I knew it was a part of the process, but it was one of those things I just didn't think about.

Boy am I thinking about it now! I have to make lists of the characteristics of the materials I've experimented on and the materials I've identified as possible contenders to take part in my robot. I also have to outline, in words, the movement of the mechanisms and the ways that plastic is broken down inside of the machine, step by step. That's... That's a thing I have to learn how to do really well really fast.

But it's already paying off! After making the lists of the characteristics of material that I need, I've been connected with an individual who can help me. I also finally buckled down and asked people in my network who specialize in chemistry to assist me with verifying the information I have on the chemicals I've identified. Because of this, I've once again received a boatload of information that I have to wrap my mind around. So while I'm doing that, I need to work with my hands a little bit, just to offset all that paper pushing. So I'm reworking the mechanics of the robot again, to try and make it more effective. Even if I can't, adding a mechanical engineer to my team would solve that problem for me. If only I knew a mechanical engineer!

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