Social Distancing and Social Connections

Not much of an update this week, except that things continue to move along. A friend approached me recently with the suggestion that we go into business together. This happened after we had been in two meetings together and were considering the same opportunity. I'm excited about the possibility of working with her, especially since one of my mentors recently advised me to seek a business partner in order to allow the company to particupate in nearby accelerators when I have to move. At first I wasn't too excited by his advice, but I trust that as long as I take the right steps it will be beneficial. So we'll see!

But speaking of my friend, I remember that she and I made plans to hold each other accountable in writing out life plans/goals. And I did! So I'm excited to show her. Of course, it would be foolish to think that any specifics on a life plan will work out the way I envision. In the words of the great Travis from Critical Role (I'm not sure if he's the one who said it first but I heard it from him so now he gets the credit) "A great way to hear God laugh is to state your plans."

While I would love to make God laugh, I think the advice is clear: don't be too specific and don't expect it to go your way. With those thoughts in mind I'm still happy to share my life goals with her and hope that she's happy to hear them.

Until next time!

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